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Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime 108.0.1462.54 Install Silent


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What is Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime?
Microsoft Edge WebView2 is a runtime installation used to provide web-based features in Microsoft 365 desktop apps that Microsoft began installing on Windows devices earlier this year. WebView2 uses Microsoft Edge as the rendering engine.

In Windows 11, the component is installed on the system by default. On earlier versions of Windows, it is automatically installed for users with modern versions of Microsoft Office for the specific purpose of running Office applications and the components built into the applications, built on top of web frameworks.

For PC users looking to take advantage of new or improved Office features or add-ins that depend on WebView2, they do not require any user input/action; as soon as WebView2 is available on the device, the component will be installed automatically. Regarding updates, WebView2 Runtime uses its own automatic update process, separate from the update channel used by Microsoft 365 Apps, to keep WebView2 up to date with the latest security and reliability updates.

[x86 & x64]

Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime 108.0.1462.54 AIO Install Silent

Install Silent


Silent installation




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