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Cheat Engine 7.4 Repack

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Cheat Engine is an open-source tool whose sole purpose is to help you use tricks and cheats on your favorite video games, therefore allowing you to manipulate and change all sorts of parameters on them.


This tool is very useful to find where some value (usually a number) is stored in the memory of a program. Usually numbers are stored in 4bytes form, but you could also find them in double or float formats, or you may want to look for something different from a number.




  • AA templates now generate 14 byte jmp scripts when holding down ctrl
  • Foundcode dialog: Replace now toggles between nop and original. Also prevents duplicates
  • improved keyboard control to the hexview in memoryview. You can now hold shift while using the cursors to move
  • laststate isn't saved in tables anymore (unless ctrl is down)
  • added some space for dbvm functions so it's less likely to click them
  • you can now manually delete saved results
  • debugger attach timeout window will now show the status on some debugger interfaces
  • modules for 64-bit in 32-bit targets are more clearly marked as such
  • mono will not try to re-attach after a disconnect
  • lua: fixed copyMemory mode 2



Homepage: https://cheatengine.org





Cheat Engine 7.4 Repack & Portable (13.4 MB)


• Type: Install | Unpacking.

• Languages: ML-7.

• Removed: Bloatware.

• System: x64 | x86

• Additionally: Extras languages added 






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