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IE7/Firefox slow loading problem


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I have a strange problem and need you help guys to found what's the cause of this..

I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate x64, IE 7 and Firefox

This system was installed 3 weeks ago..

After this period of time I started to experience strange problems with my Internet Access by using Mozilla Firefox or IE7. Here's the situation...

-Windows Vista loads, sidebar and windows live messenger and torrent client sends request to my router for internet connection.

-Router connects to internet (ISP)

-Every application that needs to communicate through internet starts to work properly:

Windows Live Messenger (connected and working)

uTorrent client (connected and working properly)

Sidebar gadgets that require internet connection (Weather Gadget, RSS Feeds, stocks, etc), also working properly.

Now here's the trouble..

Microsoft Outlook 2007 checks the mail and it takes much time to do that ( about minute or two)

Internet Explorer or Firefox, when opened it takes about 1-3 minutes to open the home page (google.com)

Sometimes, this problem happens only after system startup,but after 10 mins everything starts working as it should. Today this problem just won't go away. I opened the browser and tried to open www.wincert.net/forum.

The browser status is:

Waiting for www.wincert.net and status bar is standing still :) After 2-3 mins the page opens in a split second..

Everything was working fine after I've installed this system initially, all programs were installed immediately after the Vista install, so I can't say that some software installation could cause this behavior.

Any ideas?

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It seems that the problem was in TCP/IP connection limit that was limiting the half-open connections of the system..

I've limited maximum number of connections in uTorrent cliecnt and now it seems OK.

Here's the fix for tcpip.sys file if limiting max number of connections won't help..


This is what I did with uTorrent:

Global maximum number of connections was set to 200, and I've changed it to 100.

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent was set to 60, and I've changed it to 30.

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