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[Preview] Ave's ExtraDesktops


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Ave's Extra Desktops


Extra Desktops is an application that allows to use extra desktops, besides the normal desktop. Use a desktop for storing your downloads, use one filled with your regularly played MP3, use another one for the files of that project you are currently working on.

With ExtraDesktops, there is no need anymore to browse to all these folders you regularly use: simply hit a key, and the files are right there on your desktop!



An extra desktop in List-view mode (not possible on the Vista's desktop)


* Might work on XP also, but with reduced functionality (untested)

* Shadowed text does not work on all view modes.

* The configuration dialog is currently only accesible on the main desktop.

* You have to press the hotkey for a desktop if you want it to be visible

* If a hotkey is not working, it is in use by another application

* If the application does not install correctly, make sure you have Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Runtime Files: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en

* The current download will expire on January 28, 2008.




Ok i know this is only a preview application that will expire on the 28th of this month but i thought id share it as its so cool/fun :thumbsup_anim:.

It lets you browse to a folder on your Computer and assign it as a separate Desktop which will appear when pressing a HotKey and all folders/files in the chosen folder will appear on the desktop when activated :)


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