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How to install Windows 2003 Server updates manually


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I have one server which is in DMZ. I'd like to patch it but since it's in DMZ he can't access the internet or WSUS server on our network.

I've downloaded all updates that I need for it and now I'd like to know if can run automatic update somehow instead of running every update manually, one by one :)

I've found a way to do this..

A batch file needs to be created with this commands, it also needs to be placed in the folder with all of the update packages:

for %%i in (*.exe) do (

start /wait %%i /q /n /z

erase %%i)

Once executed It'll delete any update once it has been applied.


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The most effective way to do this, is to run each update in command line with the /? switch and see which commands are there for Silent and Norestart. For the most part, they are "/silent" and "/norestart" it takes a long time, but it pays off.

Then take the commands for each of em and put them into a batch file (or automated installer, I recommend spoons installer: linky) and then you can run the installer on different PC's.

I can't really be of more help because it takes a long time to do it and I'm really not in the mood to doing this lol

Anyway, good luck mate :)

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