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System Explorer is a system monitoring and analysis program that picks up where the Windows "Task Manager" leaves off. It expands on the "Task Manager" by adding many more features, including detailed info on processes, Windows, IE addons, connections, drivers, opened files, Explorer, services, startups, and uninstallers.

System Explorer is simply a fantastic collection of tools for system analysis and diagnostics. I am not going to go over everything this program does; instead, here are my top 6 favorite things about this program in descending order.

6. Displays the path to any process, driver, service, application, etc. that you may be interested in. This is pretty useful in that in most cases you are able to trace a running process to the program that originated it.

5. Right click on any process and instantly search processlibrary.com (or Google) for information on that process. I was not familiar with processlibrary.com before trying this program but as process resources go I must say it is quite good.

4. Right click on any entry (process, app, service, etc.) to instantly upload it to virustotal.com, which will check it across more than two dozen antivirus/antimalware engines for viruses, trojans, and any other kind of malware. Very handy indeed.

3. Process History. If you

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