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vista sidebar for xp x64


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ok its known to all that the vista sidebar for xp works great, for x86 xp, however will not do anything with xp x64, i dont know if i can get it to go, but something crossed my mind today which i think will result in a positive solution, however i need someone with vista x64 to upload the windows sidebar folder aswell as the following .dlls provided in the picture minus the manifest file

thanks to whoever can help out

ricktendo64, if i do get this working id like for you to see if perhaps you could make an inf installer for it or somthing cause i really liked how you did it in x86

thanks again


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a friend of mine runs 64-bit vista, i think. ill try to get him to upload something to rapidshare tonight. not that i like the sidebar...but it'd be a move in the right direction for 64-bit xp users.

@ricktendo: would this actually work, or does the sidebar have dependencies with VAIO that simply cant be fixed?

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