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I selected the Dell OEM image for OptiPlex 3010 (Win 7 SP1 Pro 64-bit), which resulted in the file named 987TR_5JJH2A00_W7SP1PRO64_EM(DL).iso. Upon attempting to install from the ISO image, English was not among the languages that could be selected. Why would an ISO image be made available that did not contain the option of English?

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If that model was not available in english speaking countries with that software configuration out of the box, then i can understand why (it would be for the same sort of reason why items that are sold only in central Europe may not include English instructions)

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15 hours ago, Saywot said:

But have never managed to get the complete file



CRC32    A398A7B8                                                        
MD5    567E14971D3971FF8810997499F3C092                                
SHA-1    DFCE7C09E5252F46162237AFAF3A6578C6BF4966                        
SHA-256    A14D07F53B7F2332A40DD20AF9F7D0DB77980FD6CF46B70FB4D89D1D0DB6C6FE

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