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New forum skin icons needed


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Hi guys,

I need someone to make icons for our new skin that will be used along with the new frontpage look. So, can someone make icons for "Blue and Improved skin" which you can select from the dropdown list at the bottom of any forum page..

Please PM me if someone is willing to help..


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I thought that you had your graphic guy here with WolfX2, unless may be he can't do it, because his too busy with school !

The far that I went in website, is making mockups of web pages to have a base for working a new extra pages for the Desktop Sidebar site, with one of the moderator over there.

Unfortunately the project fail, I left this community because of an another moderator behaviours, and the community interaction that I have known, don't exist anymore !

you can see some mockup screenshots that I made in this thread here (aka dinosaurus98)


Well I don't promise you anything, but I will see if I can get some inspirations, to make the icons for your forum skin.


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Yeah, Wolf is too busy and I'd be glad if you can help..

You can access this new skin and you can see current icons that I'd like to be changed. You can change only several icons for a start, like board index icons..

Here's the icons that looks nice with this skin..


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Sorry I only notice your post today ! :huh:

Like I have already said previously, I sent the zip file (Feb 23) to the same e-mail address (your address here at Wincert) that you told me to use for the round flags 32x32 zip file.

I have the feeling that you didn't get the first zip file either (Jan 24).


The provider of my e-mail account (my ISP) have change everything in the beginning of this year, servers, address, ports, account identification, etc.

I will have to check :shifty: the sending parameters in my thunderbird account, I know for sure that my mail checker in Rainmeter don't work anymore :censored:

I have uploaded the file for the skin forum, but I can't for the round flags file, it too big for the 150 ko post limit (760 ko).



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Thx Scrat, I've got the flags before in mail. I have to think what to do with the flags since we have to convert them to .gif and then they loose their quality.. :confused02:

Ahh, I just saw that you made .png's, darn, we can't use that. Can you make gif's without using quality?

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Sorry :sad02:, I made them in Png, because your administrator image or the Rss image below are in the Png format, so I just assumed that you could use both, Png and Gif format.

I will try to make them in Gif format, and see what kind of quality we will have... :guiltysmiley:

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Hi N1K !

Here the zip file of the images in Gif format with no quality lost.

I use the color location of the image for background to avoid losing quality, when I apply the gif image as layer on the screenshot, it look like the image have a transparent background, you can have a look with the screenshot on the previous post #4 (I change the image at my host account).

I only done two country flags, your and mine in case you want to make a try, and I left the Rss icon in Png, the same format that you are using right now.




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Quality lost on flags ? :huh:

post-4451-1204223710.png post-4451-1204223719.gif

first flag : the original 32x32 Png

second flag : Gif made with the post area color background

for me it look the same, or maybe I need my vision to be check :blink::P

Yup, you're right, I was wrong :) I'll see what will I do :)

Thx Scrat

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Just remember that in first place, it was just a mockup to see what the forum could look with round flags.

You have no obligation to use them if you want to keep using the flags you have, but I will wait for your answer before I make them all in Gif format.

And don't worry, I will not leave this community if you say no ! :D


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