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[Request] Signature & Avatar


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Hi Makave !!

Well you don't give too much informations here, so I just made this from an image that I have ....

I did not know what to write, or what "Font" you want to use ?

Do you want a frame around the images ?


just click on the thumbnail for the full view.



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EXCELLENT WORK Scrat!!!!! :thumbsup_anim:

Could you put "Reaper" instead of Makave??

As far as fonts.... Something "creepy" looking......

As far as everything else.... Use your imagination.... I leave it up to you.....

It's very easy to make me happy.....

AGAIN.... I appreciate you taking the time to do it.....

LOOKS OUTSTANDING...... :beerchug:

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Thanks, it was my pleasure to doing it ! ;)

And btw, this is just in the case that you want and don't know how to center your signature...

add [center] in the beginning and [/center] at the end of your signature code


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