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How to play a sound through PC speaker ?


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Hi all,

I sit on a PC which don't have and Sound speakers connected to it and when i'm going to YouTube to watch a video ( i forget that there isn't any sound speaker) when the video finish i notice that there isn't and sound speaker.

Yeah there is a sound card installed and its drive is also installed but no speakers. I search on the PC case and i found that the voice is coming from the PC speaker!!

i also try to play songs (.mp3) with WMP and it work !!

also can control the sound volume using the Sound and Audio Devices in the Control Panel !!

You may say that the Sound Card have a speaker installed on it. If it was the PC that i sit on it has a built in sound card and one of 5 PC all from the same type (Dell) also the same shape.

I really get amazed from this PC and i search over the internet but i find that Microsoft allow .wav sound to play on Windows 95 and 98 using PC speaker also i can't get it to work (i'm using Windows XP and the PC that i try it using Windows XP)

remeber that i play .mp3 not .wav a lone. !!

Any idea ?!!


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