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  1. Hi all, I wanna to perform an installation to a specific profile only. So that I goolged and found that I need to change the following registry entry HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxx But as you all know that this number is changed from a computer to another and this number is depend on your SID. Thus What Should I do?
  2. Thanks a lot N1K You way work OK for me. I just change my Host IP address to the one I get from ipconfig and it work ok. btw, My IP is a static one
  3. Hello all, I am a newbie to this forum and I wanna to open a port in my router so that I can use this port for uTorrent program. First: I don't know the type of my router. I know it is Billion but which version that what I don't know? here is the page of my router Anyway I check all the billion pages in the website and I can't find my a page that is similar to mine. Second: I follow that the main points that I understand from all the pages of other Billion. 1. I go to Virtual Server page in my router. 2. Then enter the port number and IP as follow. 3. Save and restart the router. Then I test this if the port 10011 that it is supposed to be opened if it work or not, I get this :angry: So What shall I do?!!
  4. RyanVM's from answer work. Here is the solution
  5. Thanks N1K Good info but what i wanna to do is insert Picture in the body of e-mail without use of any mail client programs meaning just use YAHOO! as it. It is possible?
  6. How to send picture in an email composer area without attachment? I want to send email with image like gif, jpeg,... etc. but i am not able to paste any image in text box. I have seen some emails with images that is with image. How will i do it please suggest. I don't want to attach a image file. i tried Place the picture someplace on the web. Go to the picture and right click on it and copy. Do not copy the link, copy the picture. Now go to the email body or signature and paste it. The picture must remain on the web since a link is used and not the actual picture --> Don't work. I write the topic this the iamges that i need in the Office then copy all and paste in the mail (i use Compose messages as color and graphics mode)--> Don't work Any ideas!!
  7. Hi all, I sit on a PC which don't have and Sound speakers connected to it and when i'm going to YouTube to watch a video ( i forget that there isn't any sound speaker) when the video finish i notice that there isn't and sound speaker. Yeah there is a sound card installed and its drive is also installed but no speakers. I search on the PC case and i found that the voice is coming from the PC speaker!! i also try to play songs (.mp3) with WMP and it work !! also can control the sound volume using the Sound and Audio Devices in the Control Panel !! You may say that the Sound Card have a speaker installed on it. If it was the PC that i sit on it has a built in sound card and one of 5 PC all from the same type (Dell) also the same shape. I really get amazed from this PC and i search over the internet but i find that Microsoft allow .wav sound to play on Windows 95 and 98 using PC speaker also i can't get it to work (i'm using Windows XP and the PC that i try it using Windows XP) remeber that i play .mp3 not .wav a lone. !! Any idea ?!! :confused02:
  8. Ya XPize is wonderful but it don't update its resources (icon, bmps, avis...etc) from version to another but crystal is really change there resources more faster then XPize may be this due to a lot of members that work in crystal with respect to XPize.
  9. Sure Kel all this kind of programs are based on ResHack what i mean the programs like Xpize, Crystal XP, ...etc
  10. Hi all, What is your best program you use to customize your windows xp ? When i say customization i mean the program that change the whole resource of windows xp and its style.
  11. The most thing that i like in this forum its powerful graphics. The Tech Support will be improved it is a matter of time till the WinCert forum will be a great one like MSFN. Happy birthday WinCert
  12. Hi all, At the beging you will say Why don't you just try google for that? Sure i had tried it but it don't work so i post here in this forum I have a PC based on Windows xp and laptop (DELL Latitude D610) and wanna to establish a network between them so that i can transfer my data between my computers. i get a USB 2.0 cable and try: In any folder click Tools-> Map Network Drive... -> Then select Z: drive and write "\\My_Computer_Name" but it didin't work Also i have a serial Cable so i think on try doing direct connection between to computers using method here but it still didn't work ! btw, in my laptop there are many COMs in the device manager but i have only one in hardware !! the names of COMs i have COM1,COM6, COM7, COM10, COM11, COM12, COM13, COM14, COM20 and COM21. i tried COM1 I think that this is a stupid but i try to connect a Telephone cable between two modems in my computer and sure it didin't work ! So, What shall i do now ?!!
  13. The manual don't mention any thing about this part. for the web i post the request in some forums and still waiting for any reply the forums that i post in them some are satellite forums and some are general forums but till now i don't get any answer
  14. Hi all, i have a receiver Astra 8900 and wanna to manually add a code of encrypted channel to be opened there I know that i can enter the code area using this sequence Menu->STB Setting->press 1234 and the page of all types of code come up so that i can enter the code of channel but the problem is the code i get it about 32 alphanumeric but the code area is only take 16 alphanumeric and this is my problem . i.e. HOW i can enter the code ? and which type of code i can enter it in? This is the an example of code that i wanna to add The choices of codes are: Viaccess Irdeto/BetaCrypt Nagravision Seca Conax Biss Cryptoworks Hope that it is clear NOTE: I don't wanna to make update of software of my receiver. I'm asking about manually enter the code of new channel.
  15. Thanks for all i find that Final Cut Pro is the best but of course it need Mac the second one is Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and this is the best if you have PC
  16. Hi all, i wanna to ask a question: What is the the best video editor program? i think about SONY Vegas what is your opinion?
  17. 1st thanks for your reply Install watch is a great program but... lets say that you have WMP 11 and select option to view video in 100% Zoom i wanna the program that can tell me which registry value(s) changed. I know that there is a program called regmon that can do this job but this program require that you must make change to every option and watch what change and it will be so difficult specially if you have big program like Office or what else. So,i'm looking for program that do scan automatically without need me to watch it and try each option and its corresponding registry. That is all Thanks in advance and hope that it is clear now
  18. Hi all, I wanna to know that Is there any program that can scan any program options then give me its registry? i.e. if you have WMP 11 you can use such a program so that you can get its options in form of .reg file so that i can use this .reg file to control my program when i'm going to make unattended windows installation. Hope that it is clear. Thanks in advance
  19. 1st thanks for reply i don't ask for app i wanna to know If this possible if so what is the device that i can buy?
  20. Hi all, What i post this topic about is: I have one receiver and have 2 TV's i wondered if there is any device that i can use to perform 2 different channel in each TV (i.e. the first TV show channel and my 2nd TV show different own) If there is any device plz let me know its name. Thanks in advance Regards, Xtremee
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