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[Desktops] March 2008


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Thanks, must have missed that one...


Nice desk, where can I find that HD gadget ?

My weather one is from the hobby lounge ( ultimate weather )

PS. you have to sign up to download.


That is so bad :w00t: !!! can you please share :)


Hi, care to share you wall to :)

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Sull Posted Yesterday, 12:43 AM

That is so bad :w00t: !!! can you please share :)

The sidebar run under the Desktop Sidebar program (DS) and my skin "Vista Ultimate" (on the finishing touch stage)

I can upload my skin here, but if your not using DS it will be useless!

The image use for the desktop background is not a wallpaper, I just modify it to have a 768 height, but I still have the 869 width.

I just add empty 155 on it to have the 1024x768 screen resolution of my laptop, I just adjust the width of the sidebar to fill the gap!

On the 1680x1050 for example, you will have a 492 width gap, I don't know if the width of the Windows sidebar that most of the peoples use here can be adjust to fill the gap.

You can have the original image here... I just notice her name "Fifi" :P



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