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I hate Windows file and print sharing...


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Just complaining.. sigh..

Sometimes Windows file and print sharing works fine in my unattended setup and sometimes not, I am getting the famous WORKGROUP is not accessible. I have a lot of stuff ripped out using nLite and I changed a few things since last time but all should be fine for sharing, so many things on the net and none of them are working.

I'm just mad, should be able to figure it out somehow,if anyone cares to add anything that could help please do.

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Wish I new the answer to Windows tcp/ip file sharing problems, but I can tell you what I have done to work around it. I use ipx/spx for lan file sharing. For obvious security issues, I disable tcp/ip in adapters and bindings (found in advanced setting in network connections window) leaving just the ipx/spx protocol bound to local area connections. This has worked without flaw for me.

Hope this can be helpful

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