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Line Rider by fsk


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This is a project i did for illustration class.

Its not a game, its a toy. What i mean is there are no goals to archive and there is no score.

Any comments about how to make it better are appreciated. When playing with this you should consider yourself a beta tester:D

There is a standalone version (which runs faster and is re sizable) you can download from here: [link]

What is added in the update:


- line drawing

- line snapping

- three types of lines (regular,accelerating,scenery lines which dont collide at all)

- zoom (there is also an option to keep the zoom level of drawing mode in simulation - hold down ctrl when pressing play)

- flag aka checkpoint (while simulating you pres the flag icon and position and speed of the rider get stored so you can later simulate from there on. the flag which maks the position of the riders behind at time of save is also visible in editing mode)

- added an option that lets you reverse floor and celling directions - hold down shift when starting a new line

- lots of bug fixes which will not be so apparent :)

the code work is finished all i need to do now is work on the graphics. if all goes well you should see the new version online on monday \o/.


as i said 'if all goes well' :/ . the release has been delayed again because i lost a days worth of work.

useful tip: don't use system restore while in safe mode!

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