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Windows Live IM Issue


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I have never had this issue before, but my WL IM will open on it's own. I am using Vista Home Pre. and I have NOD32, AVG Antispyware, Ad-Aware and all scans show nothing. Is this a issue with WL or could I still have been HACKED?


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I didn't understand, you mean your live messenger starts by itself?

I heard somewhere that live messenger virus is circulating the net..But if you have NOD32, i don't think that's an issue with you..

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Thanks N1K, Yeah it's Live messenger. I just never had that issue with XP and wasn't sure if there was a conflict with Vista or not. I know that Live messenger has issues with WindowsFX, well I had display issues when I had them both installed. I am not sure if Live has a repair, but if not I will uninstall and reinstall to see if that will fix it. Thanks again.

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I DL'd Need for Speed and Crysis and could not play them on Vista, is there issues with some games and Vista. I know for a fact that my UT3 worked on XP but waiting to install on Vista. Untill I can find some answers.


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