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IZArc 3.81 (with minor enchancement)


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I made this addon thru auto it. (Install via wizard-base style)

It will associate all default file association. English lng only.

4 common extensions have icon replaced to differentiate from the lesser known type when view in Window Explorer. (7z, Rar, Cab, Zip)

Default to .zip in context menu when creating archive.

<<Link removed, discontinued for wizard-style type. Pls use 24 oct ver>>

MD5: 49076AF7B2FF74666503672DC619FB32

size: 3.81MB

Uninstallable: Yes

=== 24 Oct: Add alternate version ===

Associate 3 popular archivers ; 7z, Cab & Zip with IZArc. Icons are changed for easier viewing.

Add: Cab_max to context Menu (XP only) (for converting single file to compressed file eg explorer.exe to explorer.ex_ ) -source

Also add Support for 16 languages:

Chinese,Dutch,English, French,German,Hungarian, Indonesia,Italian,Polish, Portuguese,Romania,Russia, Spanish,Swedish,Thai, Turkish

Recommendation: Install last among other archiver such as Winrar & Universal Extractor





Uninstallable: Yes

(Install silently via autoit)

Some customise screenshots

1) Default to Cab when making archive


2) Available context menu with 3 associate format icons


3) IZArc recognise compressed format such as explorer.ex_ . Just need to "extract here"


4) Cab_max context menu for greater functionality


Configuration works right out of the box.

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Nice work.

But I've already release this a while ago.


Noted. In fact before embark on making this addon, I have used your addon. But I notice there is no file association & no context menu for IZARC after installing. I need to manually launch the program for file assoication.

Hence I explore other ways to get file association & found that Autoit could give me the solution.


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For alternate version (silent type),

I made a option in case someone prefer .7z as default archive (Now .cab as default for alternate version)

Just add extra line of code in Entries_IZArc.ini


IZArc7z.exe <<-- extra entry

and put IZArc7z.exe in svcpack folder. Then recab back to original form.


size: 52kb

md5: 70E06AF92505ACDE83BAD2E813A623B6


I intend to remove the 1st link (Wizard-style) soon.

7 Nov: 1st link (Wizard-style) removed.

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