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[Release] SP3 WBEM Fix AddOn v1.1

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This addon will fix the file copy error of napclientprov.mof & napclientschema.mof in windows Xp Sp3 setup. This errors occurs when you dont use sfc_os patch and use an/multiple addons in your XPCD.


Please test and report feedback.

The fix is worked ok on English and Turkish Windows XP SP3 disc. Need confirmation for other languages.

I hope this fix help others for perfecting the sp3 release :)



Alternative AddOn, Replacer

This addon will overwrite existing wbemoc.inf file with the edited one.


Size: 3KB / MD5: 36E9793C7275BD804E4BF14C3E3A4F6E

boooggy has posted a workaround here.

PS: The naming of the addon maybe silly for you, but i couldnt find a better one :P


08/05/10 v1.1: Updated addon with suggestion of ENU_user.


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Updated first addon to 1.1.

With this release, no issues will occur if you re-use the addon in an already integrated source.

In order to download the addon, you can click on the big icon in first post.

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