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[2XRelease] WinMd5Sum , Vulture's Eye 2.1.1


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winMd5Sum is a simple MD5 sum checker that allows you to check and compare the md5 sums of files.


WinMD5Sum addon (213 KB)

MD5 Sum - d7e0df619873960ea52e8d66a0414322

2db6s11.png (Rapidshare)


As a Nethack player, I had to make this one. ^_^

Maybe I'll create a NetHack addon, without any installer, just file copy.

Vulture's Eye and Vulture's Claw are isometric graphical user interfaces for NetHack and SLASH'EM, respectively. The Vulture's project continues the abandoned Falcon's Eye project.

Vulture's is an answer to anyone who believes that the interface of NetHack is too primitive. Vulture's contains comparatively lavish graphics and also boasts background music and sound effects.


Vulture's Eye 2.1.1 addon (26.9 MB)

MD5 Sum - 5f25d91aaebb666886be52ae0448487e

2db6s11.png (Rapidshare)

Enjoy ! ;)

EDIT : Fixed some problems with the addons. I put the names instead of the description. Re-uploaded them, to Rapidshare. :angry:

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