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ICQ 5.1 + Update Patch + Banner Remover (maybe)


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Well, all the ICQ users hate ICQ6, it's heavy, ugly and ... full of crappy banners.

That's why many prefer the old 5.1.


When you run 5.1, after the installation, it asks you to upgrade to 6, or close ICQ, so you have no choice.

That's why...

Someone made the update patch, it just stops this crappy message and lets you use ICQ 5.1. :)

1)So... should I make a ICQ 5.1 addon with the patch?

2)Is it legal to create a ICQ addon without all the banners? Anyone knows if it's against the TOS?


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people still use icq? :D

Yeah, really makes you wonder.

Go use Miranda, Pidgin, qip or whatever other multi-messenger you like but please God, ditch that ad-bloated crapware ICQ!

Also, all of the above-mentioned programmes allow you to connect to several protocols simultaneously, so you don't have to open up ICQ, MSN, AIM et al at the same time...

So, because you asked whether you should make this addon:

My answer is NO!

Rather help users getting away from it - with releasing and force-updating version 6 on people I managed to rescue some more lost souls without efford! ;)

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