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Online Armor Free (Firewall, anti-keylogger) (July 8th,08)


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Online Armor Free v2 by Tall Emu


Online Armor FREE is our powerful windows firewall - the only FREE firewall to offer 100% leak protection out of the box! It's easy to use, powerful - and completely free. Online Armor is straightforward, and simple to use.

Online Armor includes powerful "HIPS" functions, which give you the ability to stop all unrecognised programs from running on your computer unless you say so, making it possible to protect yourself against these new attacks. Of course, programs Online Armor knows are safe will be allowed to run, no problem.

This is different to a pure Antivirus program - these let any program run, unless they know it is a virus. This means that it must have that that exact threat in its database before it can do anything about it. Your antivirus will completely ignore programs it does not recognise - which unfortunately includes new viruses.

Some notes:

* Unfortunately, it persists to run after the installation, so it runs during the svcpack stage. Just close it or let it run its wizard to save some time later.

** It's a firewall, a good one, but it's not an antivirus. Get NOD32 or something.

*** Like any other firewall, it takes time to teach it which programs can be trusted, a few days.

MD5 - 79bb9bec48f01e3269406c8c072a15c8

Size - 9.86MB


Enjoy! :)

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