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i would like to have more info about the reg entries...

and in the screenshot the window seems transparent(glass) is it a result of "installing" this "MMC mod"(probably not)

also,in the .reg;

alot of the entries seem to point at a path that not every one has "@D:\\WINDOWS"

also you have countless empty keys you could remove and sections that could be merged into the same key.

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Yes Bober, The glass is not the result of Installing the MMC mod. It is due to Stardock's Window Blinds. As my Registry entires show my Windows is in D:\. You could change the path to C:\. The registration entires are to make the resemblance of the MMC like in Vista. It will remove the unneeded and ugly snap-ins such as Removable Storage and Indexing Service. So that you have a more Vista like look in the MMC :)

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:unsure: Sorry but if im not wrong, if you have updated MMC (Microsoft Management Console) to version 3.0 (MMC 3.0 / KB907265) you will also get very similar one that Vista has. (Vista MMC is version 3.0). ( i.e IE7 and WMP 11 for Xp, as well as Vista).

Download MMC 3.0 (KB907265) for Windows Xp SP2 only (seems included in Xp SP3):


Good luck

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