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Autorun problem


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can someone help me?

i made windows with nLite + addons etc...

when i install that windows on computer he work excelent

but my autorun cd is disabled or what... :S

autoplay option doesn't work...

what can be the problem....?

is someone have this bug too?

sry for my bad english...


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;Autorun CD-rom or Cd-W (0=disable, 1=enable) 

;(1 = enabled CDR autorun)

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@Kelsenellenelvian - what file is for autoplay... maybe I do that :D

@Rocco - I dont think that is the problem... how i can add thah registry in installation? ;)

@thedexmonster - only beep driver... :D

@Nomadturk - not that man... my autorun doesn't work on any CD/DVD

......tnx ppl ;)

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tnx for help Kelsenellenelvian...


and all other ppl who try to help... <3

Hey Plextor, how are u?

I've got the same problem that u had. I tryed the solutions posted here but they didn't work it out. What was the great solution you take? Was a problem with missing autoplay files?

Tks a lot.

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