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  1. Just add new things with blank preset and that will do your job..
  2. pleXtOr

    Windows 10 or ooolder?
  3. hey man, thank you for this addon and update.. I have some question.. just opened addon with 7zip, and open 86.reg - all files have direct location to "C:\\Windows\\Microsoft.NET\\Framework\\.....".. what will happen if i install windows 7 on D:\\ or some other partition? will .net 4.5.2 still work or? ..sry for my bad english!
  4. hehe, ok man.. thank you.. from now on I will first check your signature, and then 'spam' here.. Ciao
  5. ..there is new security update for IE8 - KB2862772 ..
  6. thank you for this repack.. I have some question.. can you 'hack' setup.exe in your repack so that 4.3.216 install normaly in windows 8? you can install MSE on win8 if you first install 4.0.111 in win7 compatibility mode, and than upgrade to 4.3.216.. it must be some setup.exe limitation, but I dont know how to 'repack' msi or 'kill' that limit.. any help?
  7. how can I change picture that appear before intro.wmv of OOBE? on that picture is windows logo, and Please Wait text. i only need name and location of that resource. sry 4 my bad english.. EDIT: founded on 2nd page of 'Unattended XP', thanks anyway
  8. reupload RS link, or mirror please... stock on 73%, on 3 different computers... :/
  9. tnx for help Kelsenellenelvian... YOU ARE THE MASTER :D and all other ppl who try to help... <3
  10. @Kelsenellenelvian - what file is for autoplay... maybe I do that @Rocco - I dont think that is the problem... how i can add thah registry in installation? @thedexmonster - only beep driver... @Nomadturk - not that man... my autorun doesn't work on any CD/DVD ......tnx ppl
  11. can someone help me? i made windows with nLite + addons etc... when i install that windows on computer he work excelent but my autorun cd is disabled or what... :S autoplay option doesn't work... what can be the problem....? is someone have this bug too? sry for my bad english... tnx....
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