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Vista Mediacenter


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:) Hello Tina. Possibly not, or won't work properly because of so many dependencies that even Alky still cant solve them. However, if you wanna convert your Xp Pro or Home to MCE 2005 (with Vista theme), you know, just browse the Xp MCE pack you want here...Wincert rocks! regards :)
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Yes, Ricktendo is right. most MCE resources (icon, dialog, UI etc) are mainly stored in ehres.dll, as well as ehdrop.dll, and ehui.dll in %WinDir%\ehome or typical C:\WINDOWS\ehome if you already have Media Center.

You can reshack them manually or just replace ehres.dll only : http://fediafedia.deviantart.com/art/Vista...MCE-XP-76165197

It's one of the best Vista theme for XP Media Center 2005 i've ever known. (Credit to Fedia Fedia). I have also made my version (included all files above) that i think better (in my opinion), but still not finished yet to me unless i can find solution to reshack eshell.exe for adding it as well.

anychance how to change the icon of eshell.exe? I had ever tried, but then it gave error like fail validation. Yea, i know perhaps because it's been digitally signed by MS, but anybody knows how to reshack it without error? Otherwise I dont know much about .net resource and language. Other dll files still can be hacked perfectly though.

I would love it because e.g. Sidebar launcher gadget always shows old MCE icon, as it links directly to eshell.exe without any option to change its default icon, as well as other apps, etc. Thanx. :)

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Get yourself on Deviant art and search for it, Fedia's done it yonks ago...

He didn't change the sounds though, so i did but ive not uploaded it anywhere.

Its in my new mediacenter addon 2008 with creds to fed's...

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