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o Pre-install tasks (turn on IBM machine)

o Update IBM BIOS for the Server

o IBM Update Express

o IBM RAID Update and Configuration v9.0

o Set RAID 5 field with one hot spare disk

The smart act itself

- During the boot hit F1 to enter BIOS setup

- Go to System Security and choose to set up

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Yannow there are ways to bypass the bios password.

Have you tried the simpliest of all, just resetting the CMOS?

Of course I did, but as it is stated on official pages of IBM, BIOS password for that server can't be reset. If you forget it, you can only replace the MBO.

I can't find the link, but it's somewhere on IBM pages..

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LMAO, that sucks big time. I had a customer that "forgot his password" on a new laptop bought of the street. I had no luck, pulled it all a part looking for jumpers, pulled the bat. and nothing. I also went through all of the "backdoor" factory passwords with no luck. I spent around 10 hours and didn't make any money. I will never work on a locked PC again. LOL

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