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2Question please... SciTE Scriptwriter and winrar sfx


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1) If I don't want to anybody modify or Extract or read any comment in my winrar sfx file (can execute only) How I do (I tried to check Lock achive Box It still)

2) I used SciTE Scriptwriter for write autoit script and I used winrat sfx to complete it(after extract run command)

but If I don't want to show any automation when it process How I do? ( I tried after extract command app.exe /S don't work)

Sorry for poor English

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For me it's not clear what you want to do. If you want to make a real addon (install with *.inf) on this way, then I don't know the solution and I can't understand what for you need it.

But you can make your own installer (ie autoit, scrambled) and install it during T-13 as SilentInstaller Addon or with RunOnceEx. People would need to decompile your *.exe if they would like to see the technics you used.

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