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[AddOn] AI RoboForm v6.9.98 (Free)


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Thanks Ricks

Change Log:

Version 6.9.91

* Ignore _gsdata_ folder in Backup / Restore.

* Search using Baidu for Chinese users.

* Fix Enable RoboForm Shortcut in Browser option.

* Fix bugs in working with Basic Auth in Firefox.

* Fix event processing in Firefox adapter.

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Thanks Ricks Please Update

Version 6.9.92

* Add anti-phishing protection: warn user when filling from passcard whose URL does not match web page.

* Fix not showing all matching passcards in SaveForms dialog for multi-frame multi-domain sites.

* If user has unprotected passcards check them first in AutoSave, to reduce requests of Master Password.

* Use Yandex search engine as default for users with Russian language.

* Fix AutoSave not working in some frames with style position:absolute.

* Fix Editors doing unnecessary second refresh after the external file change.

* Added Firefox 3.1 beta support.

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Ricks Please Update

Version 6.9.93

* RoboForm Online Beta has been released, an easy automated way to synchronize and backup your Passcards, Identities and Safenotes via RoboForm Online server. Free for RoboForm Pro users.

* Better JavaScript event throwing when filling forms, so that dell.com and turbotax.intuit.com are filled.

* Major improvements in filling forms with Birth Dates and lower-upper captions.

* Fix losing focus when switching tabs in Firefox using Alt + Tab.

* Fix Basic Auth filling in Russian Firefox.

* Add E-bay as a search engine (searchcard based).

* Store Show Match URL editor option in portable options (options.rfo).

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Ricks Please Update

Version 6.9.94

* Do not show GoodSync mini-window when doing RF Online automated syncs.

* Fix filling Basic Auth dialogs on IE 8 + Vista.

* Fix login form filling on eBay Partner Network, T-Mobile UK and similar sites.

* Make AutoSave and auto-fill work on Fidelity web site.

* Fix Custom fields not always matching correctly.

* Country specific Yahoo search in RF Search box.

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Ricks Please Update

Version 6.9.95

* Full support for Firefox 3.5, add Adapter for it to RoboForm installer.

* Remove support for Firefox 1.5 and 2.0 from RoboForm installer, now available by XPI install only.

* Add Sync button to RF toolbar, it controls synchronization with RoboForm Online server.

* Fix auto-submit issues to improve logins at comcast.com and virginiagasprices.com and similar sites.

* Improve throwing JavaScript events to better fill and submit forms.

rick please update :D along time :o

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rick please update

Version 6.9.96

* Add integration of RoboForm2Go with GoodSync2Go: now RF2Go calls GS2Go when it need to sync.

* Improve form filling in the new Adapter (Frozen APIs).

* Fix RoboForm2Go upgrading RoboForm Fixed on Vista.

* Add Program Compatibility section to manifest for Windows 7.

* Improve GoodSync integration for RoboForm Online.

* Do not ask old Master Password twice in Change Master Password dialog.

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new version out:

Version 6.9.98

* Fix form filling from identtities on paypal registration and other sites.

* Fix license checks for systems where Windows and All Users are not on the same disk.

* Improve activation using batch order code.

* RoboForm2Go: Look for GoodSync2Go in the folder next to RoboForm folder when syncing.

* Firefox Adapter: fix Basic Authentication in presence of frames.

* Firefox Adapter: correct toolbar height issues in FF ver 3.6.

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