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  1. Thanks I trust your stuff but with all these sites getting hacked who knows when on of these file shares get compromised. Can you also update MD5 on the .NET one as that is a large download and want to make sure no corruption.
  2. Hashes posted do not match most current EXE, can author update so we can ensure its valid EXE over on download site. Thanks for all your releases!
  3. nealix, thanks for the details. I read about KUC but did not realize I could just point it to an Win7 ISO file and have it perform the updates on it while not effecting my current Windows 7 install. Is KUC method any better then using WUD? It looks like a steven4554 provides updates on a ULZ list that WUD can use to download all updates local from MS repo. It looks like he keeps it updated and removes decommisioned or conflicting KBs. His latest is from 8/15/2013 over on msfn forum. I wonder how his compares with KBs that KUC comes up with. Current post SP1 count for his ULZ list for my Windows 7 Pro x64 is 62 security, 66 non-security (includes an rvkroots.exe), 14 .net 35 updates, and 1 WMP12 update. I will see if I can post a spoiler directory listing of them all here later.
  4. Want to make others aware that their is an issue using this AddOn with the DriverPacks integration. I have documented the issue in their forums: http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=4280
  5. new version out: Version 6.9.98 * Fix form filling from identtities on paypal registration and other sites. * Fix license checks for systems where Windows and All Users are not on the same disk. * Improve activation using batch order code. * RoboForm2Go: Look for GoodSync2Go in the folder next to RoboForm folder when syncing. * Firefox Adapter: fix Basic Authentication in presence of frames. * Firefox Adapter: correct toolbar height issues in FF ver 3.6.
  6. Thanks for the AddOn, its working great, just wanted to let you know major release with lots of updates From MediaMonkey site: MediaMonkey 3.2 Released
  7. Sorry, confused by the point you are trying to make. The standard here in these forums is that the downloaded file from the download links has a matching hashcode. I downloaded both files from their current download links and HashTab properties page reports a different MD5 hash for the file. It does not matter if you are using Lingoes or some other tool the math for a hash is still the same. Its the process you are following that is incorrect. What you are doing makes no sense, that is creating an MD5 hash of the download URL, what purpose does this serve? Do you understand the reasons why we use MD5 hashes here? Its to verify the binary content of the file downloaded so A. we know its not corrupt or B. the file is the same one uploaded by the author and not hacked or possibly replaced by another. Don't get me wrong, we all appreciate your contributions, however most people are not going to use your releases since your hashes do not match. Here is what you are doing: md5("http://www.4shared.com/file/144318226/150afe92/Silent_Install_DVDFab_v6125.html") = "5c311a93d991b7fd9b6d3441b6d58284" Incorrect you want to get a hash on the file you are uploading not the URL. Please see this tool for use on files: http://beeblebrox.org/ For me this is not a good sign coming from someone making installers and addons to not understand this concept of the use of an MD5 hash. I will be skipping this one, but thanks for the effort.
  8. MD5 do not match on these downloads, please verify Also where do I enter my DVDFab registration key so it installs registered?
  9. I need to write an AutoIT script for my LimeWire Pro v4 version and was wondering if you could share with me your au3 script file. I know it will differ from Pro but it will give me some insight if you do any special config and how you make it silent.
  10. Can't download get connection timeouts from 2shared.com x-shadow-x: I have updated an AutoIt script for Nero 7 that does similar options however, to make it easier for users I would like to be able to move the script settings into a ini file and then have a gui in which users can select features and then it creates the AddOn. I really like your GUI what was that done in and would you be willing to share code so I can use with my Nero 7 scripts.
  11. ricktendo64: The link for the 6.5 version is broke in the first post bjfrog: Do you mean that your MSI will create an installer from the VMWare extracted installer? What does it do?
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