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Bootscreens for Vista, with enabled "no GUI boot"


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Credits to the author of this article.

So if you run msconfig > boot and enable "no GUI boot" option, you'll see faded aurora instead of lonely green progress bar during boot process. How to substitute this aurora with an image of your own choice is described in the article above.

Here's the result of my tricks with ResHacker, imagex, PaintShopProX and mspaint, lol :

download link


Just replace windows\system32\en-US\winload.exe.mui and don't forget to save/back-up the original file. My file is taken from RC2 (X86), but i think it'll work on RTM as well, it's only resource file. Don't forget to enable "no GUI boot".

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Thanks for sharing mate.

Hey man, i cant replace or edit properties of the original one. I am using vista rtm and administrator account. How to use this? Any idea?

Yup, that's the best part of Vista, it's security :)

You should take ownership of the file before you can replace or edit it.. :thumbsup:

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I tried to do taking ownership as i did on xp, but it didnt allow me. I tried to open administrator account, and tried there, but no way, it didnt allow.

Ok, do it this way:

File properties --> Security tab --> Advanced --> Owner Tab and click edit. User Account Control window will pop-out, click continue..

Now select the owner (your account or Administrators group and click OK. Windows Security window will pop-out stating that you'll need to reopen this object's properties before you can view or change permissions..Click OK 3 times..

Again click on the properties of that file --> Security Tab --> Edit. You should be able to change the file permissions now. :)

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Yay N1K, it helped me to get the ownership of the file and rename it. THanks very much for that.

NP buddy, I have to take another ownership of the file to write this step by step tut :thumbsup:

You can also check this article or this thread.. B)

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