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why did altf4 get banned?


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i went to find his login addons, but i couldnt find them.

i thought maybe they got pushed down some pages or something, but when i did a search they seemed to have been deleted..

then i clicked on his profile and i saw the big word banned next to his name..

he seemed to be a nice person, who made some good contributions to the addon forum..

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He had some very un-ethical behavior and was very offensive towards staff.

He was given a day vacation and then he made a dupe account and was posting with it.

Needless to say he broke several rules and this cannot be tolerated from even very contributing members like he was.

And no he will not be unbanned he had a total of 3 chances already.

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well i only read the addons forum mostly.. i didnt see anything like that from there, but i guess it sounds like there was good reason.

i wish at least his addons werent deleted :P

He did this more than once. Once he was warned he deleted all of his logons. He did it again :thumbsdown_anim:

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Guest NeVeR_GiveUp

I am ALtF4.

I didnt delete my logons.

And afte N1K unbanned me.

Just ı have misunderstanding with MrNxDmX.

So ı hope he will forgive me.

I want to say that again, I didnt delete my logons.

They are on my skydrive.

How can ı delete a topic? :huh:


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Guest NeVeR_GiveUp
Delete, delete, delete again, you constantly want something to delete. Imagine that you're an admin of this forum. You would SHIFT+DEL it already..

What are you tryin to do, N1K?

You told me that if MrNxDmX forgives me, can ı be back?

You know ı didnt delete my topic.

I cant...

I dont because ı promised.

Edited by NeVeR_GiveUp
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I deleted your damned topic!!!

1 = Because I never liked the fact you refused to give original makers credit.


2 = Because you have been banned therefore we no longer support your addons.

If you continue to post and make new accounts we will report you to your ISP and have formal charges brought up.

(We do keep records of all of your accounts, IP #'s and email addresses.)

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Guest snakecracker

omg i never knew he was like this.

i knew he did something bad before.

he seemed to be a very nice guy.

but to tell the truth everyone has a bad side to them.

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mods you can lock this if you want.. i didnt mean to cause more problems.

i was just wondering what happened b/c one day he was there and seemingly the next he disappeared.

then again, i mainly just read 1 forum on here, and obviously i cant understand turkish ha

i feel a little at fault with the logins though. i actually asked him to make a few of those, which i found on deviantart.

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