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Pro Unattended Program Install


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For anyone wondering how to install "non-registry-writing" programs (well, all programs write to the registry, but only directory registration), it is much easier than you think. All you need is WinRAR, 7-Zip some batch scripting knowledge and some patience.

Let's say I wanted to unattended install Windows Vista Solitaire for Windows XP. These are the steps I would take.

I'd extract the .exe that it came in by using 7-Zip (it's an SFX, but it also opens the game after it installs. Not got for an unattended setup). Then I'd copy the Solitaire.exe and 'Paste Shortcut' in that same folder. Right Click on the Shortcut and select 'Properties'. Change the Path to "%SystemDrive%\Progra~1\Microsoft Games\". I would then create a 'New Text Document' and name it "start.bat" and add this code to it:

rename "Solitaire - shortcut.lnk" "Solitaire.lnk"
md "%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Vista Games"
copy "Solitaire.lnk" "%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Vista Games"

If you want a desktop icon, add this to the code:

copy "Solitaire.lnk" "%UserProfile&\Desktop"

In case you didn't know, "%UserProfile%" is "%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\User" and "md" is "Make Directory" or "Create Folder".

Then, using WinRAR, Add them to an Archive and select "Create SFX Archive". Compression is up to you, though I recommend Best RAR Compression. Click on the "Advanced Tab" and select "SFX Options". This is what it you should set the options to:

Path to extract:
"%SystemDrive%\Progra~1\Microsoft Games"

Run After Extraction:
"%UserProfile%\Progra~1\Microsoft Games\Solitaire\start.bat"

This should extract it properly. Now click on the 'Modes' tab and select "Hide All". Now click "Update" and select "Overwrite all files". Now click "OK" in both windows and you will have a fully unattended program. This is my own method, please try it with your own programs and enjoy.

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