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[Addon] MediaMonkey v3.2.5.1306 Standard INTL (de, en, es, fr, it, nl, ptb,ptg)


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size : 14.7 MB

CRC32 : AC8E65E0

MD4 : 51A6C43BAB59E2BFCA0B694A7D43D1A2

MD5 : 4D96563AA97D96CBCB345ECBFE2E6CED

SHA-1 : B7DF26B13AC64A6D9B1FC1B30F00CD41101B87B7

MediaMonkey is a music manager and jukebox for serious music collectors and iPod users. It catalogs your CDs, OGG, WMA, MPC, FLAC, APE, WAV and MP3 audio files. It offers an intelligent tag editor which looks up missing Album Art and track information via Freedb and the web, and an automated file and directory renamer to organize your music library.

It includes a CD ripper, CD/DVD Burner, and audio converter for saving music, and manual or automated playlist editors for creating music mixes. Its player automatically adjusts volume levels so that you don't have continually fiddle with the volume control and supports hundreds of Winamp plug-ins and visualizations; or if you prefer, it can use Winamp as the default player. It also includes portable audio device synchronization that allows you to quickly synch tracks and playlists with iPods and other portable audio devices.


  • Organize music and edit tags in your audio library with a powerful, intuitive interface
  • Automatically lookup and tag Album Art and other metadata
  • Manage 50,000+ files in your music collection without bogging down
  • Play MP3s and other audio formats, and never again worry about varying volume
  • Record CDs into OGG, MP3, FLAC and WMA files
  • Convert MP3s, OGG, FLAC and WMA files into other formats with the Audio Converter
  • Create playlists and music mixes quickly and easily to suit any occasion
  • Synchronize with iPods / MP3 players effortlessly and convert tracks on-the-fly
  • Plus much more...

Description taken from filehippo.com.


  • This addon is installable/uninstallable with ADD/REMOVE WINDOWS COMPONENTS function
    A SPECIAL BIG HUGE THANX to ENU_user who helps me to do it :wink: .
  • it's available in 08 languages (dutch, english, french, german, italian, portuguese (Brasil|Portugal), spanish).
  • Association files : .aac,.cda, .m4a, .m4b, .m4p, .mp4, .pcast, .pls

A number of flags can be set when running MediaMonkey from the command line:

  • /NoSplash - don't show splash screen when starting MediaMonkey
  • /Play - run MediaMonkey and start playing the last played trackfrom the Now Playing queue
  • /Next - play files after the current track
  • /Add - add files to the Now Playing queue
  • /Party - run MediaMonkey in Party Mode, for more info about Party Mode consult Online Manual

You can use these options as follows (examples):

  • MediaMonkey /NoSplash /Add "My song.mp3"
  • MediaMonkey /NoSplash /Play
  • MediaMonkey /NoSplash /Party /Play



  • Update to v3.2.5.1306
  • Update XtremAddOnRes.dll (v2.0.0.4)
  • Renamed INF file : MMonkey3.inf --> MeMonkey.inf
  • Removed pskill.exe (used to kill MediaMonkey (non-skinned).exe process)

    11,,pskill.exe,,,"-t ""MediaMonkey (non-skinned).exe"""

    "pskill.exe -t ""MediaMonkey (non-skinned).exe"""

    and replaced it with

    11,,taskkill.exe,,,"/F /IM ""MediaMonkey (non-skinned).exe"""

    "TASKKILL /F /IM ""MediaMonkey (non-skinned).exe"""

  • Used 3 functions of MMHelper.dll to release it if it's in use during uninstall

    11,,rundll32.exe,,,"%16422%\MediaMonkey\MMHelper.dll,RemoveLLKbdHook ""%16422%\MediaMonkey\MMHelper.dll"""
    11,,rundll32.exe,,,"%16422%\MediaMonkey\MMHelper.dll,RemoveMouseHook ""%16422%\MediaMonkey\MMHelper.dll"""
    11,,rundll32.exe,,,"%16422%\MediaMonkey\MMHelper.dll,RemoveShellHook ""%16422%\MediaMonkey\MMHelper.dll"""

    rundll32.exe %16422%\MediaMonkey\MMHelper.dll,RemoveLLKbdHook %16422%\MediaMonkey\MMHelper.dll
    rundll32.exe %16422%\MediaMonkey\MMHelper.dll,RemoveMouseHook %16422%\MediaMonkey\MMHelper.dll
    rundll32.exe %16422%\MediaMonkey\MMHelper.dll,RemoveShellHook %16422%\MediaMonkey\MMHelper.dll

  • Added 3 fake links (usefull to give user ability to set MediaMonkey as default media player or not when used at the 1rst time) for :
    • MediaMonkey, on desktop & in Start menu\All Programs\Multimedia\MediaMonkey
    • MediaMonkey (non-skinned), in Start menu\All Programs\Multimedia\MediaMonkey

      [Optional Components]

      ProfileItems = MMonkey.Deskcut2,MMonkey.Quickcut2,MMonkey.Startcut2,MMonkey.LihgtInterface.Startcut2,...,...,...

      Name ="MediaMonkey",8,25
      CmdLine =11,,"rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection MeMonkey.inf,DefaultPlayerInstQuest"
      IconPath =16422,MediaMonkey,MediaMonkey.exe

      Name ="MediaMonkey",8,23
      CmdLine =11,,"rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection MeMonkey.inf,DefaultPlayerInstQuest"
      IconPath =16422,MediaMonkey,MediaMonkey.exe
      SubDir =%MMEDIA%\MediaMonkey

      Name ="MediaMonkey (non-skinned)",8,23
      CmdLine =11,,"rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection MeMonkey.inf,DefaultPlayerInstQuest"
      IconPath =16422,MediaMonkey,MediaMonkey.exe
      SubDir =%MMEDIA%\MediaMonkey


  • Fix errors reported by jfcarbel (thanx man!)
  • Rebuilding addon. Now, all my addons have a single main entry in Add/Remove Windows Components
  • Added Xtr3mres.inf file : it lists all catogories/sub-categories of my addons
    (templates : Accessor.inf + Games.inf located in %windir% \inf in live XP | in I386 dir on your XP CD/DVD.)
  • Added an uninstall link in MediaMonkey startmenu dir
  • Change resources file name (new name --> Xtr3mAddOnRes.dll) & its location (new dir --> %SystemRoot%\Resources\Xtr3mAddOneRes)
  • Using of a Desktop.ini file to customize resources Dir

Edited by Ken@fri
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