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Windows 98 and iPod


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Using an old computer with a new music device? Do you want to get your iPod working under Windows 98? Read this article and it should help you get it working.

Tutorial : Windows 98 and iPod via USB

Legal Stuff:

First off, let me state that this tutorial isn't warrented by my self. It shouldn't brick your iPod, but theres a chance that something can happen. For instance, data could be lost. So please, back up your data before you continue.

iPod and Windows 98 Tutorial

This tutorial should allow anyone using windows 98 SE (it might work for 98) to get the iPod to work under 98 SE.

1.) Go here and download the iPod for Windows 98 driver file. Install the driver and reboot the computer, after attatch your iPod to the computer. When the computer is finished installing the iPod open My Computer and make sure that the drive shows up there, this may not work correctly if it doesn't show up. If it does not show up as a drive in My Computer, hook it up to a computer that will let you see it and format it as a Windows iPod. Make sure you backup your data before formating the drive.

2.) Next download and install ephPod 2 from here. Run ephPod when it installs and follow the on screen tutorial. It will ask you to select your iPod in the drop down (it will show up as a removeable disk) Then continue with the tutorial. If your music doesn't show up right away don't worry, just shut down the program and play a song from the iPod through my computer. It doesn't matter which one. Goto iPod_Control\Music and then one of the folders in there and start a song. Then relaunch ephPod. Im not 100% sure that will get it to work, but if you play around with it enough it should work.

3.) Now your ready to put music on the iPod, or even take it off and transport it to your 98 SE machine for listening.

Post your questions and comments here if you need help with it.

Enjoy ;)

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