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Network Related Event Log Errors...HELP !

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Hi Everyone. :giveheart:

I have an issue Im looking for some insight about & hope someone here can help me!

( thanks in advance !! ) :worthy:

I was looking at a Friends Wireless Connected Dell Laptop for her today, & in her Event Log I found Three Errors Im Concerned about & Dont know how to go about resolving. :g:

Two of them Happened right after eachother & I believe they are Related & then One happened the Day prior.

The EVENT ERRORS Read as Follows :::

( These are the First Two that Happened One After the Other)

* TIME: Today at 1:36PM ~ EVENT ID#: 8003 ~ SOURCE: MRxSmb

DESCRIPTION : " The Master Browser has a Server Announcement from the Computer *Name1* that Believes that it is the Master Browser for the Domain on Transport NetBt_Tcpip_{19E63502-F763-4C9F-8B9. The Master Browser is Stopping or an Election is Being Forced. "

* TIME: Today at 1:55PM ~ EVENT ID#: 4321 ~ SOURCE: NetBt

DESCRIPTION : " The Name "Name2 :1d" could not be Registered on the Interface with IP Address ***.***.5.101. The Machine with the IP Address ***.***.5.100 Did Not Allow the Name to Be Claimed By this Machine "

( This is the Other that was the Day Prior )

* TIME: 3/18/2009 (yesterday) at 6.28PM ~ EVENT ID# : 1002 ~ SOURCE: DHCP

DESCRIPTION : " The IP Address Lease ***.***.1.101 for the Network Card with Network Address 0045AC94E3A has bee Denied by the DHCP Server ***.***.5.1 (The DHCP Server Sent a DHCPNACK Mssg) "

I am not Network Savvy by ANY Means!!

I Do want to tell you that after seeing this, that I went onto the Main Computer in the house...the one which this Wireless one shares a DSL connection with... ( i guess you would call it the Host Computer ?? ) & I checked it's " SERVICES " Functions for the heck of it & I noticed that the " Computer Browser " Service & the " Server " Service were Both not started & the " Computer Browser " was on Manual mode instead of the default setting of Automatic & the " Server " service was on Disabled...for some reason??...( & my friend may have fiddled where she shouldnt have at some point,...?? errrrg )...but I started them & put them back on the Automatic mode for the future...so I dont know if these two things not being started is what made these errors on the Wireless Client Computer today. I didnt see any other of them from yesterday but didnt look hard.

I dont know anything about that DHCP error event....& definitely need some insight here.

Ill note that the Wireless & the Host ? computer do not Share files or foldes or Printers or anything like that.

The Wireless just shares the connection in order to run Wirelessly.

Hope someone can lend a helping hand & some useful Info.....As you always do at this forum site!!!


~~~~ Hugs Hugs ~~~~ :wub_anim:



" To Err is Human....but it Feels DIVINE !!! " ~ Mae West


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EDIT: lol i jsut saw 1st post was made in march...lol oh well should have red it b4 writing all of this.

a simple fix would be to manualy bind an ip to the tcpip protocol in the said pc's card properties,cause it seems that the ip adresses arent in the same range.but if the network/internet sharing is rightly configured there beany problems.

host ***.***.5.100 and client ***.***.5.101 would seem to be ok

but when i see ***.***.1.101 seems this ip was given by an other dhcp.

firstly look in the network connection folder of the host pc and verify the home network settings,you have 3 option in the 1st page, the 1st should be chosen.(this pc connects diretly to the internet and all other pcs connect through it).after follow what connection wizard suggests or use ure best logic.


on the client pc,again in the network conneciton page choose the 2nd option( usualy its the default suggested option) then again follow the wizard.

if all this still dosent work,find what the host's ip is and then on the client pc bind the ip adress in the ethernet card with an ip in the same range,so give it the exact same ip as the host pc but increment the last digits by lets say 10 just to be safe.(or by 1)

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