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Guest ZG WestSide

What is "GunZ"?

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a cool character or hero, like you see in movies, animations, and games?

GunZ is an online game that enables you to realize such a dream! GunZ is not your ordinary gunz fighting game. It allows you to imitate a famous hero, create your own fashion style, and perform a number of different actions such as shooting or stabbing whilst running and jumping on the walls.

What makes GunZ ever better than other games is the fact that the game is available online to all users! In addition, GunZ is 100% FREE to play.


gunz_shot1_t.jpg gunz_shot2_t.jpg gunz_shot3_t.jpg gunz_shot4_t.jpg gunz_shot5_t.jpg gunz_shot6_t.jpg gunz_shot7_t.jpg gunz_shot8_t.jpg gunz_shot9_t.jpg gunz_shot10_t.jpg

System Requirements

Before downloading and installing GunZ, please ensure your system specifications meet or exceed the following. Your computer must meet these minimum requirements in order to play GunZ.

Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements OS Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000 DirectX DirectX 9.0c or above CPU Pentium III 500 Mhz Pentium III 800 Mhz or faster Memory 256 MB 512 MB or above Graphics Card Direct3D 9.0 Compatible(Riva TNT) GeForce 4 MX or faster Sound Card Direct3DSound Compatible Mouse Windows Compatible(Wheel Mouse recommended) * GunZ does not support GamePads or JoySticks.

* When operating the game on a PC with the minimum specifications, make sure you set the resolution is set to the lowest. (640x480, 16bit color)

Links to teh game to download: http://gunzonline.com/

Link for the cheats made by my members and freinds: http://zerogamingv2.byethost4.com/index.php?showforum=93

Ps. the glowing swords are prems witchs are not yet in the real gunz clilent you have to join my freinds pserver for teh real stuff, we have quest mode, prems, all maps at any level an custom made maps witch can be found on my forums too, alot with other things too. ^_^ I'll be adding more games like kal online and gunbound pservers and stuff to my forums asson i get acess to those games!

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Guest ZG WestSide

u can use cheats or not man plus in our own serveer cheats aint allowed so it much funner, plus we bann them hackers fast and have a ton of fun in quest fighting quest I'll post a pic o me in quest or my freinds in quest witch ever i can find in my screenshot folder

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Guest ZG WestSide

WinCert.net Rules

3. Please do not post screenshots within threads that exceed 300x200 in resolution and 150KB in size. Provide a link to the image and host it on your own webspace if possible. If you do not have personal webspace try imageshack.us or Eazyshare. Always keep in mind we have several members on 56k and loading a thread with a few large screenshots can be quite slow for them.

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Guest ZG WestSide

thanks and sorry if thier too big, that all whut i copyied from my forums, that only in our pserver= Privet fun too, you got all kinds of wepons

~~EDITED Photos into links~~

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