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Ultimate Green Theme for XP


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Here is my new Green Theme Ultimate green ( New version of Vista Green ).

When I first released Vista Green I got good reviews from visitors who

where tired of "Black" Vista theme for XP. They found new taste in Vista Green Theme.

Some of them reviewed that there was too much green in

this theme because of this in this Version I have used Aero Glass frame instead of green frame.

This is One of the most Popular theme made by me & has also been featured in brothersoft.com & other websites.


Changes in comparision to Vista Green theme.

=>UI updated to like of Windows 7.

=>Perfect Green orb with Windows 7 enhancement.

=>New shellstyle

=>Windows Aero Frame instead of green frame.

=>Start Menu show icons ( Like in XP ).

=>Startmenu Reupdated to seven like UI.

=>Minimize/Maximize/close button Updated.

=>Radio/checkbox/combobox updated.

any many other minor Changes in UI.


brothersoft.com mirror Download

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very nice really cool

pri2sh can you remove searchprogram in start menu and remove fish in the left side of window

and add another shellstyle startmenu dont show icon


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Very nice VS pri2sh! :icon_cool: I love it especially the superbar feature thanks

:rolleyes: I have a little different opinion. Personally i'd like to keep/see the icons on start menu, dunno why but i still prefer that "old" feature hehe it kinda looks "more complete" for me :D . Yeah otherwise i agree that searchbar should still be removed bcoz it's not functional on Xp (unless you're using Vistart?)

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...something like this perhaps

If You don't mind, I could post it here with your permission...yep, that's the one I've been telling you on DeviantART ;)

- Removed "search Bar"

- Green frames

- New images in "My Documents, My Music, My Videos" folders

- Left side panel image - without the fish (thats for Mona ) :P



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Ultimate Green by pri2sh (..."molested" by me) :P

Download here


Wow awesome job thanks alot for this dareckibmw :thumbsup_anim: downloaded btw i wish there would be the same one for Vista later ("port"?), but nevermind still be grateful again thanks

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