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[Release] a-squared HiJackfree

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Here is a-squared HiJackfree


a-squared HiJackFree helps advanced users to detect and remove Malware manually.

Version - 1/28/2009 - for Windows XP, 2003/2008 Server and Vista, limited functionality on x64, 2 MB.


This program hase nothing to do with HijackThis.


Manage all types of Autoruns on your system

Control all Explorer and Browser plugins (BHOs, Toolbars, etc.)

Manage all running Processes and their associated modules

Control all Services, even those Windows doesn't display

View open ports and the associated listening processes

View all DNS entries in the hosts file

Manage installed Layered Service Providers (LSPs)

Analyze the system configuration with using our live online analysis

Download a-squared HiJackFree now! It's free for private use!

It comes with language packs for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and many more.




Used switch: HiJackFree.exe /VERYSILENT

Install from: svcpack.inf

File Size: 1.70 MB (1,793,278 bytes)

MD5 hash: 5645905E8B29A2DCCC534BD9515D3CD0

Download here:

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