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Daemon Tools 4.10 & SPTD 1.58 & awxDTools


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Daemon Tools v4.10

SPTD v1.58

awxDTools v1.0.6.0

  • This is a 7-zip installer that will install SPTD and adds reg entries in runonceex to install Daemon Tools and awxDTools during the next boot. It will create all shortcuts in %AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\DAEMON Tools
  • This will work in both live systems and unattended installs, using multimode method.
  • To install into live system, extract and run command
    DTools.exe -ai

  • There will not be any notifications to reboot or that the installer has completed, it is completely silent. The installation will continue after reboot.
  • I will keep SPTD updated, but I do not plan on updating to the current version of Daemon Tools
  • Credits to roguespear for the method to do this and to ricktendo64 for his ability to do this


MD5: 18bb8c6a5478e9b6d0cf83e88cd70bb1

SIZE: 4.01 MB

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