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[How To] Depth Reflection


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in this one i teach you how to make the "depth reflection" effect

first make a 400*200 canvas and fill it with your favorite color


then pick your favorite font with a color you think will look good on the background you chose and on a new layer type your favorite word(s)


next, duplicate the text layer. Then go Image>Rotate>Flip Layer Vertical and move it directly under the original text layer, so its almost touching


now, go to the rectangular marquee tool and set feather to about 4px (on the top bar)

Simplify the duplicated layer and then, on the duplicated layer, select about half of the text, right click and click "select inverse"


hit delete, deselect and dull the opacity of that layer to 50%


and that's it!

when you get good like me, you can make things like this :D


in case your wondering, this is the specks for the last image :D

edges=feathered 4px, twice

Effect=5px Simple pillow and 1px soft shadow

Background gloss= white fill 20% opacity

Background color=Blue shades gradient

and don't be afraid to bend the rules of photoshop to work to your advantage :)

Coming Up: Gloss-e-ness

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hmm, please show me the error, i may have missed a step, i use this effect so often it becomes hard to explain it :)

hi wolf, well the "error" was really a misguided me .

i could not find the buttons you said because i have the dutch version of photopshop man.

so its no big thing!

here is my result!




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the trick is feathering, NOT distortion.

Use the rectangular marquee tool and set the feather to about 10

select the part of the icon you would like to make "flow out" (be dimmed) and hit delete.

If you think its necessary dull the opacity of the layer to whatever you feel is best, i say about (50-40%%)

now in case you'd rather not go to all that trouble i made some of my own :P


and since were using vista icons, a vista interface would look superb!


happy photoshoping :welcome:

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