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[Request] Help to find resources.


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Hello everybody.

I have been trying to find the resources to modify the above. Does any one on Wincert know where they are located or even if they can be modified.

All help and advice is much appreciated.

I originally posted this in the Windows Customisation forum without a single answer. Any help would be much appreciated.



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That is the typical runonce box...

How do you want to modify it?

Not much you can do to it.

Just want to know if it can be done. Maybe change the text or add a background underneath the text.

It seems that every other part of XP has been or can be modded. XPTsp is a great tool that I use on my own builds and the runonce box is about the only thing left to modify.

Thank you for replying.

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I dont thinki ts Runoce.exe, only thing close I could find to this dialog box was in shdoclc.dll

Sorry guys.

As ricktendo64 noticed it is not runonce.exe. It is at the final screen before XP starts after setup.

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