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  1. Just a quickie... I have made the 32bit version of the silent install but as I am currently using a 32bit OS I cannot make the 64bit version. I have 7zipped and Universal extracted the 64bit exe but cannot find the msi or data1.cab file. Is it possible to make the 64 bit version on a 32bit OS?
  2. Sorry guys. As ricktendo64 noticed it is not runonce.exe. It is at the final screen before XP starts after setup.
  3. Thank you for your quick response. I have bookmarked the link you gave me and will try it out.
  4. Just want to know if it can be done. Maybe change the text or add a background underneath the text. It seems that every other part of XP has been or can be modded. XPTsp is a great tool that I use on my own builds and the runonce box is about the only thing left to modify. Thank you for replying.
  5. Hello everybody. I have been trying to find the resources to modify the above. Does any one on Wincert know where they are located or even if they can be modified. All help and advice is much appreciated. I originally posted this in the Windows Customisation forum without a single answer. Any help would be much appreciated. Original. http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=6397
  6. I like that one. Can't wait for the link. Thanks.
  7. Hello everybody. I have been trying to find the resources to modify the above. Does any one on Wincert know where they are located or even if they can be modified. All help and advice is much appreciated. Edit : I thought I would leave it a while before checking back and it's been three days now with out even a suggestion. Should this be posted else where on the forum? for example the nlite section and if so could a mod please move.
  8. This version of UltraISO supports .daa and .uif Revsion History UltraISO Premium 9.0 (February 28, 2008) +) Enhanced ISO CD/DVD image processing core, can open, convert and burn many compressed ISO image format including ISZ, DMG, DAA and UIF Just to put peoples minds at ease and to stop you installing more apps than you actually need
  9. Thats me with a different use name . Thanks anyway. I check MSFN before coming here (both sites are excellent btw) so I've already got the addons. However, if anyone knows how I can insert my serial into Ashampoo Firewall addon then I will have all the software ready for my own unattended XP. Thank you.
  10. Could somebody please have a go at making an addon for BitDefender V10 free edtion antivirus. BitDefender Free Edition Also I know there is an addon for Ashampoo free firewall but I have a serial number. Is there a way to insert the serial number into the addon or can somebody please make an addon into which a serial number can be inserted. Ashampoo Firewall Free.
  11. Thank you. Edit : Small request. Can you change, or tell me how I change, the start menu shortcut from Multimedia to Ashampoo. Works great BTW.
  12. That would be brilliant if you could upload a new version. I had your old version but deleted it when I had to clear my HDD. Need to buy a bigger one.
  13. Thanks for this. Do you know what happened to Rhor's V'ISO mod it's gone from his gallery?
  14. Will try this out but it could be a long time before being able to test. Not all updates require a restart Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the response. It's for when Windows updates automatically (little yellow shield thing in the systray) and then pops up a window asking to restart or postpone. In Vista you can postpone for up to 4 hours. Not a big problem just a small annoyance really. Edit : Just found this http://thebackroomtech.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/how-to-delay-the-windows-automatic-updates-reboot-nag-screen-and-the-automatic-reboot-after-applying-updates/ Describes a reg file to delay restart for 24 hours. Also this. http://www.ejabs.com/blog/2007/05/how-to-disable-the-windows-xp-automatic-updates-restart-nag-screen/ How can I incorporate this in nLite or similar?
  16. I tried to make one but it still kept insisting on opening IE. How did you make yours?
  17. In Vista when you install updates you can postpone a restart for upto four hours. Is there a similar prog for XP and if there is can it be made into and addon? TIA
  18. I've never made an addon (one that works anyhow) before but here is a thought. Anyone reading may be able to help further. Would it be possible to use the above addon and unpack, update with newer source files and then repack? is that too simplistic? :g: You could try contacting the author with a PM and see if they could update it.
  19. If you use Ryans integrator then it will work as an addon.
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