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my proplem with nlite after onepice update


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At the beginning, I am an Egyptian man talking Arabic so please forgive me for my boor English languages

Second of all thank you for trying to get the benefit of your beautiful site

I made my copy is working efficiently, but I have a big problem to be resolved

Note me please:

original win + integrate onepice update(107mega) with help of rvm integrator + net framwor; all in one(66mega)+ some program (200 mega)=909 mega

all things is all right and working very good

but i want to reduce the size

so when i use the nlite or cab remove files-(rvm intergrator)- to do this some program install and some not install

note: which install that i find it in the folder svcback and which don't install that i find it in the folder i386

pleas tell me why this happen and what is the solve

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