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Inf & ini configuration to make a true addons


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Hello all, i'm new to this forums! I want to make a true addons using tools that provided this forums, i'm still confused to make an inf n ini file. Just for example if i want to make directx addons that slipstreamed completely use ryanvm or nlite, i dont know what exactly list of file should i choose to build ini n how to make inf file too! I take a look at reg2inf programs which can convert *.reg to inf but i dont know what in the regedit i've to import! Anyone can show me a tutorial for makin true addons?

Any help from u is very appreciated, n i'm sorry for my english, i'm not too good at this!

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OK for a directX addon you use the Entries_whatever.ini to copy the files during textmode setup (the blue screen at the begining of the setup)

You dont really need to add any reg entries, they are added by registering some DLLs and you can do this with the a .inf

Make sure you have a look at some of the videos, then take a existing directx addon and look at how its done and try to add or delete any new directx dlls just to learn a bit

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