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  1. the installation file is corrupt, care to reupload? thx...
  2. +1 for that as for xp x64, net framework 1.1 not available, I'm trying to make that but stuck in what thing that doesn't needed by windows (just like ricktendo did, he's very good in slimming the pack so only needed component will be installed).
  3. actually I need for making true addon for xp x64 just like onepiece/nonno fabio do in xp x86, not for windows 7 by the way... if u do look in windows xp 64 bit section in ryanvm forum (or maybe here), mostly addons (especially true addons) only for x86... sorry for requesting that, I'm just trying to help others who need that (I use for testing only in vmware, dont have the license for xp 64 bit either)
  4. mooms, sorry for asking this, jaynbe and user hidden made only for 32 bit system? no 64 bit support or maybe support dual system (x86-x64) just like ricktendo did for his net framework repack?
  5. hi i'm sorry rick, is the file still exist? I currently need the x64 for slipstream into my xp x64 source, when I download the enu x64 version from this link : http://adf.ly/1713566/wmp11x64enui've got this : Not FoundThe requested URL /ricktendo/Repack/wmp11-windowsxp-x64-enu-repack.exe was not found on this server.Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  6. Merry christmast n happy holliday to all of u who celebrate that...
  7. the package driver integrated but will not be USED, yes u can integrated that but WINDOWS INSTALLATION will ignore that if it's not compatible with the hardware (check the panther directory n the log inside ur windows directory if u dont believe me). unlike windows vista, windows 7 more smarter, it will prevent crash driver installation n also more flexible when searching the available driver version. peace...
  8. I think yes as long the driver compatible with ur windows image.
  9. I need to disagree, I'm using driverpacks for backup for installing my friends pc/notebook since it's really tired to check every driver ID or signature, also sometime the website for the drivers source doesn't exist so for me driverpack save my time. Some notebook with AMD processor get problem, but it's becuz the driver itself, I see mostly driverpack team need to tweak the setting so it can be compatible n match with the driver setting. most of driver failed to integrated becuz the driverpack itself have been outdated n we need to update that (new hardware, new driver), also I do agree with mr. smartepant, if u do have problem, u can post to driverpack forum for a bug or suggestion so the driverpack team can improve that.
  10. but lego, with exporting .reg file user may know what change so incase the tweak doesn't fit in his computer, he can revert back. (more like educational). Offcourse for some advanced user, he can also change back that (use regshot, system monitor etc), but how bout ppl who know minor things about computer?
  11. yupz, I think it's good idea too since we need to use regshot to know what registry changed/deleted after we apply that with W7Toolkit. +1 for this!
  12. to both of u, do u use the same image name, an example "Windows 7 Ultimate" even the image had different arch (x86 or x64)? added: @lego: I found out, "HKCU" in registry tweak doesn't exported properly into build admin account, if u didn't use that, it will ok (all registry setting exported into ur local account), but if u use autologon with admin (usually if we want to grant permission) in installing aplication in audit, I can see it doesn't work well.
  13. Tarun, to be honest, if u work as graphicist or architect, an example if u use autocad, sketchup or adobe which limit how many memory needed, u'll get fatal error when the memory run out, u NEED additional free memory for the software to be used. (usually u'll get BSOD or ur system restart). Let's say I only have 2 GB memory, 1 graphic application need 1 GB RAM free (not used by system), another application need 1 GB RAM free too. If I do multitasking n use both, u can guess ur computer will be sloooooooooooooooooooooooow as hell when u do another aplication becuz u've run out of resources, now the free ram tool (actually "free ram" might cause misperseption, should be free ram switcher or something) help u to freeing the ram when u switch to another aplication (at least what task manager show, I see additional DELAY time (about 1 second) processing when switching but it goes normally without having error). I'm not saying u or mark russinovich wrong , but ur assumption about RAM OPTIMIZER for this I can say wrong, yes it doesn't give a lot different performance to me, but DO HELP to other people who work with heavy task in graphic rendering which always request FREE memory when they work. for test, add hotfix package into ur windows image with dism or pkgmgr, open another aplication (multitasking), do look task manager, now use the tools n do the same things, check the task manager too (from this simple test, u'll find that). note : Tarun, I do respect u since I also like to read ur post or topic in MSFN n I'm not upset, I'm just tired since I also do agree with Mark Russinovich said about RAM OPTIMIZER are garbage (yes, I think it's true, in the past time I use crapware which actually make me change my RAM twice, oh my) but this tool is different (that's why I ask lego for the source code, if I know he will make this separated, I wont make that by myself, oh well) usually RAM OPTIMIZER software are enemy for WINDOWS system, but this, I could say FRIEND? added note for lego: I think the name should be free ram switcher, not becuz I dont like the name but with change the name people might understood how it work.
  14. it's the same as "all task" in Desktop Context menu, have u check that?
  15. why do u need that for when u can extracted the three cab from there n use W7T (or other tools or just use DISM) n apply the update into ur windows 7 image?
  16. for registry tweak, I think the answer is only change the setting from "Specialize" setting into "OOBE" (use RunOnce just like nlite do in XP) so it will apply to the "current user" too since if we include AUTOUNATTEND setting, only "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" and "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" apply correctly, but not "HKEY_CURRENT_USER". (u can make an *.inf so u can load that at OOBE stage). registry tweak perform correctly if we didn't use "Autounattend.xml". as for file replacement etc, theme tweak, update, u've done correctly. note: IT'S NOT REQUEST, I just suggest something since most of member here complain "autounattend setting didn't work" which is actually work but have conflict with the tweak itself. (I use regshot to record what W7T do with registry tweak n saved that as *.reg, applied that manually in firstlogon, it work).
  17. addition to Kels statement, @mooms: that's was "IMAGE NAME", it doesn't depend on what language we used, u can edit them manually, no need to add or fix new function inside W7Toolkit.
  18. u set that in WPI, but what crashfly mention is in "specialize" or "OOBE" which doesn't need additional "Post Installation" there. also I still dont get why do u mention the command where my question is here : we used only one boot.wim (for x86, which the image contain 2 image name, it's "Microsoft Windows PE (x86)" in index 1, and "Microsoft Windows Setup (x86)" in index 2), now this setting : <settings pass="windowsPE"> <component name="Microsoft-Windows-International-Core-WinPE" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <SetupUILanguage> <UILanguage>en-US</UILanguage> </SetupUILanguage> <InputLocale>0421:00000421</InputLocale> <SystemLocale>id-ID</SystemLocale> <UILanguage>en-US</UILanguage> <UserLocale>id-ID</UserLocale> </component> <component name="Microsoft-Windows-Setup" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <ComplianceCheck> <DisplayReport>Never</DisplayReport> </ComplianceCheck> <Diagnostics> <OptIn>false</OptIn> </Diagnostics> <DiskConfiguration> <WillShowUI>Always</WillShowUI> </DiskConfiguration> <DynamicUpdate> <Enable>true</Enable> <WillShowUI>OnError</WillShowUI> </DynamicUpdate> <UserData> <ProductKey> <Key>xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx</Key> <WillShowUI>OnError</WillShowUI> </ProductKey> <AcceptEula>true</AcceptEula> <FullName>User</FullName> <Organization>MS USER</Organization> </UserData> </component> </settings> it doesn't needed since we only used x86 boot.wim (in clean installation windows 7).
  19. since we use clean install n boot directly from our windows media installation (dvd or usb), we used setup source from boot.wim image index 2 (Windows Setup PE), n seem if we used autounattend.xml only in the root of our media installation(USB), windows setup cant find it (look in the panther directory, u'll find the log of ur installation process.) ricktendo methode is correct, manipulate n inject the autounattend.xml directly to the boot.wim image index 2 will make windows setup PE recognized our unattend value. (make any sense to u, we used the setup process from there, offcourse autounattend.xml should be placed there too ).
  20. edit: I've mistakenly upload file, that's only some copy paste I made before so I can check in panther folder. yes it doesn't have what u specified above, havent notice that until I download the attachment (the current firstlogon.cmd doesn't add hidcon.exe binary file). here's the correct autounattend.xml (sorry) : Autounattend.xml
  21. I think u need to change ur title, I dont have problem with unattend windows vista/7 with usb (both storage or stick), all u need is tweak the boot.wim image index 2(just like ricktendo do) to include ur autounattend.xml .
  22. @adminxp: do u check ur driver package have an executable file too? usually in the executable file, u need to extract that too incase the executable file is packed self executable archive that contain driver file that needed to be installed in ur computer.
  23. this is what I used now, I do clean install yesterday so I've deleted temporary files in my pc (I'm sorry, I dont know u need that) : Autounattend.xml the only different with the non working one is there's no ""<settings pass="windowsPE">" for x64. (I hope u understand with that, I havent install the english translator, sorry).
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