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[Addon] hkSFV 2.0.1 (build 84)


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[Addon] hkSFV 2.0.1 (build 84) x86 (ENU)

hkSFV is the simply the easiest, most intuitive and automatic way to create or check .SFV and .MD5 files. And, of course, it's completely free.

What is an .SFV? -- An .SFV file is a tiny list of files and CRCs, which allow you to check to see if the files you have downloaded are exactly what you are expecting. The CRC algorithm used in .SFV files allows you to see if the file you have has been changed, even a single byte, since the .SFV file was created.

What is an .MD5? -- In a sense, .MD5 did not exist until now, as md5sum is a popular Unix format similar to .SFV and Unix does not use file extensions the way Windows based systems do. .MD5 uses the md5 algorithm to compute its checksums, rather than the crc32 method used by .SFV. The md5 algorithm is almost as fast as crc32, but it is much more accurate at detecting changes in files.

Platform: Win2k, WinXP, Vista? Win7? (32 bit only)

License : Freeware

Author: Big-O Software

Website: http://www.big-o-software.com/products/hksfv/


About this release:

- Since the original addon by Mrs Peel is no longer available, there is now an alternative.

- Custom build MSI; supports AD, Admin Installs, repairs and all that.

- 32 bit platforms and ENU only (not my fault, blaim the author).

- 7-Zip SVCPACK addon (for the switchless installer, simply extract it from the archive).

7-Zip SFX Code:

RunProgram="hkSFV.msi /qb /norestart"

Addon Details (RVMi and nLite compatible):

File: beats_hkSFV_2.0.1_x86_Addon.7z

CRC-32: 7dff11ad

MD4: 01a900de1fca1eb60fba56e0230ea185

MD5: 2f19e68e45d2e8d40f108785c97f31a8

SHA-1: 7b803fe3a1ce9a8b57e69f35e61958c637a10714

Size: 317KB


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