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[Addon] mp3DirectCut v2.1.1.0


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[Addon] mp3DirectCut v2.1.1.0 (INT)

mp3DirectCut is a frame based editor for MPEG audio (Layers 2 and 3). You can cut, copy, paste or change the volume without re-encoding anything of the file. This makes mp3DirectCut very fast and prevents loss of audio quality. The program enables easiest navigation even on large files and gives you a visualisation of the MP3 audio data. It can handle Cue sheets allowing to split a file at cue positions. And you can also directly record and encode an MP3 from your audio input device.

Platform: WinAll

License: Freeware

Author: Martin Pesch

Website: http://www.mpesch3.de


About this release:

- As requested by jfcarbel.

- Custom built MSI; supports AD, Admin installs, etc.

- 7-zip SVCPACK Addon (for the switchless installer, simply extract it from the archive)

7-Zip SFX Code:

RunProgram="mp3DirectCut.msi /qb"

Addon Details (RVMi and nLite compatible):

File: beats_mp3DirectCut_2.1.1.0_Addon.7z

CRC-32: 97325311

MD4: 18e71b76289e65aa67050d14b9047492

MD5: 6fdf35ece9e1e5e9f6311f630d3147ff

SHA-1: df01d6fac10b588dd4a713f773484f944e5c5bf5

Size: 332KB


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