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CAD 2009 EDTION v1.6 For XP


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CAD 2009 EDTION v1.6 For XP by Flawless

Windows 7 Ctrl+Alt+Del style

Switchless Installer - for RyanVM Integrator & HFSLIP


Size: 13.55 Mb (14,421,560 bytes)

MD5: 9B06C3E04504D29850C09CDB395A1784


RyanVM Integrator , N-Lite Addon & HFSLIP:


Size: 13.52 Mb (14,418,495 bytes)

MD5: F8F9BC4A47B893DB7F54164B183289E7

Uninstallable from Add/Remove Panel

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does this pick up from UtCollector's earlier work on CAD 2009 ... i show here that your uninstaller has been included in the .cab.

this is appreciated Geej! :D

btw, would you know why resources directory was removed from this release compared to 1.5?

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I followed Flawless's method of install for v1.6, which he uses batch file.

Nothing to do with v1.5(which I did not check it out) or v1.2.

In v1.6, Flawless use batch method, w/o providing any uninstall entry.

So I need to manually run the batch file to uninstall.

So I just repack into an inf & cab, plus following v1.2's uninstall entry.

So why resource folder was not there, I dun know. But since v1.6 works w/o resource folder,

I guess it is alright. (Maybe Flawless re-programemd his cad2009.exe so he does not need Resource folder)


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