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Please could anyone tell me as updates are integrated with the Windows 7 Toolkit


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hello someone can tell me how it integrates the update, it perfectly you have to use the update tool integrator install.wim I have to choose the doubt is that if I then have to close the image. wim and only with that they are properly integrated me I do updates or something else. Thanks

PS: It would be nice if they put a tutorial on this so the doubts of others would be fulfilled.

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W7T uses the command

"pkgmgr.exe /norestart /ip /m:update.msu /o:C:\W7TTemp\Mount;C:\W7TTemp\Mount\Windows"

On vista you have to extract the cab (correct me if im wrong) but as of now it will be Win7 only and use .msu without extracting the cab.

EDIT: You can select multiple images for integration so the code is like this.


For each image i.e. Home Premium, Ultimate, etc..


>For each update in folder...

>>"pkgmgr.exe /norestart /ip /m:update.msu /o:C:\W7TTemp\Mount;C:\W7TTemp\Mount\Windows"

>Next Update

>Save Image

Load Next image


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I make this process select the image I choose install.wim Windows 7 Ultimate version I give to integrate and then save the changes using the command through the console and Windows 7 Is This saves the image with the integrated updates ?

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It should save with the updates. Use WIM Manager to mount the folder to C:\WimMount, go to cmd and type without qoutes "Dism.exe /Image:C:\WimMount /Get-Packages" and it should list the installed updates. Then discard the image.

P.S. If nothing has integrated and you get an error using that DISM command it will be because dism doesn't work well with wimfltr installed.

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