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Multiples escritorios remotos con Windows XP

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Existe un parche para windows xp sp3 para habilitar un numero ilimitado de escritorios remotos


¿ Habría la posibilidad de incluir este parche en futuras versiones del update pack latino ?

si no fuera posible ¿se podría hacer un addon?

Gracias por tu tiempo y excelente trabajo.

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El UPL tiene al RDP v7.0, creo que este ya apoya múltiples conexiones porque habla del icono en la barra de tareas para cerrar y cambiar entre ventanas (pero no tengo como probarlo, solo hay un otro PC donde me puedo conectar en mi casa)

Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 RemoteApp and Desktop Connection feature introduces an icon in the notification area which gives an indication that the user has successfully connected to RemoteApp and Desktop Connections. The user can return to this icon to see the list of all connections that they are currently connected to. It also provides the ability for the user to disconnect one or all connections that are currently connected. Finally, the user can use this icon to navigate to RemoteApp Desktop Connections in Control Panel to view the state of the connection and update any or all of the connections. This new icon is only displayed in the notification area when the user is connected to at least one connection in RemoteApp and Desktop Connections. Once the user is no longer connected to any connections, the icon goes away.


No estoy seguro si es lo mismo en XP

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